19 October 2003

This bizzare stoner movie that is my life

I've decided that since so much in my life has changed, perhaps my blog needing changing to. I no longer feel like I have to "duck and run" in order to survive this bizarre stoner movie that is my life. I can handle it.
But not without the ability to pour my psychobabble out into the world. To expose complete strangers to a side of me I can not reveal to anyone else is a powerful feeling.
Since this is a new blog and a clean template, I will be re-introducing myself and my personality, which I feel has changed since I began my blogging adventures at Duck and Run
My name is Jennie.
I am enrolled in tech school, majoring in culinary arts. I have a dog named Jack #7 Daniels who is 8 months old now.
I was recently dumped unexpectedly by my boyfriend of two years, before he left to join the Marines.
I do enjoy partying and all that comes with it, but do to the strictly religious upbringing I have had, my guilt-complex occasionally gets the better of me. Which, in turn, leads me to go around in circles about what I do/did on-line.

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