29 January 2004

I am a bad mommy

I surrendered Jack to the animal shelter tonight.
I came home from going out to eat with Chris this afternoon and Jack had gotten into the garbage again. When I went to discipline him, he bit me.
When Chris went to discipline him for biting me, he bit Chris.
I can't have a dog that bites.
I tried to train him, none of it stuck. God, I don't want to give him up though. That's my baby, I love him.
The chances are good that they'll put him to sleep.

My roomate adn I are on the outs as well. Possibly permantly. I'm still not entirely sure what got her all worked up, but whatever it is apparantly is dire.....or perhaps she's being melodramatic, I don't know.
Whatever, I give up. If she wants to be like that than fine.
I don't care anymore.


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