04 January 2004

Ungodly Cellphones and Blood Selling.

Tomorrow, I head over to Cellcom in order to get my security deposit back. Hopefully, they will take it as payment towards the astronomical bill I had this month.
$76 balance plus $189 curent charges.
Perhaps I should change my plan?
Or just quit using the damn thing.....
It's an idea.
Speaking of ideas, I'm considering selling my blood plasma.
There's the potential to make an extra $200 a month. Granted, I'd have to get over that small pot addiction and that large fear of needles that I have going on. I think it may be doable though.
Let's face it, $200 is a very tempting amount of money for little ol' me.
Not to mention, I might finally be able to pay off the damn cellphone bill.

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