14 January 2004

Wait, don't go!

What did I do? What did I say? I don't remember speaking of you to him. I don't remember mocking you, as you put it. Are you certain you heard right? Perhaps you misheard something I said?
I remember speaking of Burger King, of McDonalds, of Justin and Kim V. I even remember speaking of Brad, but if that was what has bothered you, I assure you it was not meant to be negative.
I think he's a very cool boy. I also happen to think that his offer to put himself through hell in order to avoid tempting me, while chivalerlous, is not his brightest. His being miserable will be no help to me. I like it best when he's happy.
You believe I've wounded you, and I don't doubt your pain is real, but Iwish you would let me know what it is you misheard so I can set it straight.
I adore you. I even adore the littlest one. I don't want to see you leave me, too.
If I don't have you, what do I have left?


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