26 January 2004

"What is that on your hand?"

....you may be asking. Well, my dear friends, that would be a ring. I know that it is a guys ring, and I know it is not the most attractive ring for my finger. A ring is what it is though.
Apparantly I am engaged now. God, that sounds so weird coming from my mouth. Engaged.
We were lying there on the bed, cuddling, which is something we have spent a lot of time doing recently, and he took my hand and held it up to his. He studied it for a minute in silence.
"What are you looking at?" I asked amusedly.
"Just checking what size your finger is." Chris answered me, kissing my hand. "Here try this on," he said as he took the ring his dad left him off of his pinkie and slid it over my ring finger. "It fits, ok, now I know what size to get you."
He took my hand in his and looked at me and told me, "I'll get you a real ring later, but I'd like to give you this one for now. I want you to be mine always."
Of course, I was ok with this.
So now I am sitting here, typing on my keyboard, and I keep seeing this ring on my finger. And I stop to look at it.
I'm engaged.
The man I love, the man I had given up on ever hearing the words "love" or "forever" from, that man wants to be with me. Forver. Because he loves me.
And right now, I am walking so high on air, it's a miracle I can reach the keyboard.

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