20 February 2004

Half.com AKA my shameless plug

I've decided to ramp up my half.com output. I'm having all sales deposited directly into a bank account for the wedding. Actually I suspect much of it will go towards setting up a house together with Chris. I'm looking forward to that, most of the time.
Anyway, if you're an avid reader or looking for something in particular, head over to half.com and check out my account. Keep in mind that not all my books reflect personal taste, but rather market tastes. For instance, child care is a big one. I'm not sure why, but it is:)
I do my best to keep the price the lowest out there. Obviously, between school and work I don't always have time to monitor that they way I'd like to.
But enough already, here's the link for your conveinence
And remember, half price is better than full price!

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