01 February 2004

I thought it would be hard

That whole leaving my family and friends to go live on some military base. But they're all making it fairly easy to do so. I'm sure as hell not going to miss the theatrics that go on around here.
I feel like I've moved back home. I spend most of my time avoiding everyone else in the house.
Seriously, I'm beginning to dread being home. I haven't had that problem since I moved out.
Adam told me today that Nat's now talking shit about Chris to other people, on top of all the bullshit she was saying to me. She walks around talking shit about me and mine and then accuses me of saying rotten things about her. Hello, didn't happen, she's smoking crack or something.
Until this shit happened, I considered her to be one of my best friends, if not my best friend altogether. Apparantly, I was wrong.
She tried to blame me for the fact that Becky was told about Chris and I. "next time u want a secret wedding heres a thought dont tell anyone. u telling people only put a burden on said people"
Right, that was fucking awful of me. To want to share that with someone I considered my best friend. Yeah, what the hell was I thinking? God, what a horrible person I am.
She also accused me of only wanting to be friends when life sucked. Um, yeah, almost makes sense there, doesn't it?
I seriously need to find a way out of this.

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