12 February 2004

Lookin' good

is apparently a crime.
Quoted convo: Me "I think we need more outlets in the bathroom."
Roomie "Really? What for? Oh, your curling iron. Well, I don't care I never use the outlets anyway."
Beg pardon my dear, but your radio is permantly ensconsed there, but don't anyone else dare to use it. Gosh no.
And why do my things keep getting shoved into the bathroom cupboard, but yours are allowed to live on the sinktop?
Pure curiousity.

Ok ok ok, so I'm being an ass. I didn't mean it. But god, you could HEAR the eyeroll in the words 'curling iron'. It made my neck tense up and the defenses rise.
Seriously, I'm not going to apoligize for wanting to look good. I know some think its a waste of time and effort, but I'm more confident when I look nice. I feel better, and I like it when people compliment me. I refuse to feel bad about that, no matter what some's opinions are.

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