08 February 2004

Phone Calls

Chris called me, despite what some assumed.
Adam and I were talking and he was, "If Chris calls tell him I said hi." When nobody else has faith in Chris, it makes it hard for me to believe in him.
I do though, in spite of what everyone seems to think, he's a good guy. Don't get me wrong, he's been an ass in the past, but he seems to have changed.
Anyway, he did call me today. As soon as I climbed into the shower, the phone rang. He said he couldn't talk long, but that he wanted me to know that he was thinking of me and he missed me and he got to blow things up. He told me he loves me and he misses me and he'd try to call me later.
So Chris called again just an hour or so ago. And we talked a little more. It was basically the same convorsation with a little more detail thrown in.
He thinks he'll be able to come home after he's done at Pendleton. Cross my fingers and all that. I really do hope so.
I don't like this being apart.
I miss him and it hurts to be away from each other. It's a different missing and a different hurt than it was before, but it's still there.
It's not as intense of a missing, because this time I know he'll be back and eventually we'll be together, whereas before, I had no hope. And hopelessness is an awful state to be in.

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