11 February 2004

Stress much?

Problem: I don't do crowds well, I don't do pressure well, I don't do commitment well, I don't plan well, I don't wear dresses well, I don't do hair well, I don't do makeup well,
God knows I can't do the girlfriend thing well, and if I can't do that well how will I do the wife thing?
Bride, wife, wedding, dress, inlaws, family functions, holidays
These words strike terror into my heart
Oh my god oh my god what the hell am I thinking? I don't know if I can do this
Life isn't perfect life gets messy what happens when it gets messy and we fight and things aren't going right and one or the other of us gets the urge to run. quickly. in the other direction.
And one of us has a tendency to do that.
While the other of us has this tendency to bottle things up inside until bam it all explodes messily all over the place

oh god

- your only -

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