03 March 2004

My ring

is beautiful.Its white gold, princess cut and half a carat.
He came home, we picked him up at the airport and Charlie took us all out to red lobster for dinner. Very nice.
So later, we all went back to Chris's mother's place.
His mom and I were sitting at the table and Chris was getting all situated, putting stuff away, taking his uniforms out, etc.
He was putting his class ring on and his mother asks, "Do you still have Dan's pinky ring?" as she looks through the box for it. Chris looks at me and I look at him.
I had been wearing the ring he got when his stepfather passed on until he could get me a "real ring"
Chris grinned at me and said, "Go ahead and show her." So I showed his mom and she was all "That's cool. Giving her a ring that means something."
And Chris goes, "Well, I got her a replacement." He starts digging in his pockets and pulls out this white box. He rips the cover off to show the ring box underneath and opens it up to show me.
I believe I may have squealed, I'm not too sure.
But he and I hugged and his mom and I hugged.
His mom and I were both doing the watery eye thing and he's just standing there grinning, god, I love him so much.

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