10 April 2004

The bus system

Turns out to be not so horrible, a pain in the ass, yes, but not horrible.
Speaking of, I took the Greyhound up north to be with here for the holidays.
I didn't know if I was going to come up here.
I was a little bothered by that, not that I'd let anyone know, of course.
But Chris's mom, Dawn, asked Chris what I was doing adn I guess she told him she would be willing to give me a ride, both ways.
Now, those of us who know, know that it is one long boring ride from here to there.

I was all stunned and stuff, wow. You want to do that so I can spend the holidays with your family? Wow.

So now I don't feel as wierd about this whole "marrying the family" thing.
Speaking of, (ah, what a useful phrase) Chris and I set a tenative date.
August 28th.
Those of you who know, know there is a similarity between that and the one from before.
Yes, it is the same date.
Crazy boy.

Gotta love him.
Although I am a bit worried for him at the moment. See, he'll be working in the brig, gaurding all the naughty Marines in Camp P.
Without any weapons apparantly.
This worries me. A lot. Not that I'd tell him that, of course. There's no way for him to change it and knowing that I am worrying won't help him any, so I'll just not mention *how much* it worries me. AKA *a lot*


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