08 July 2004

What Ever

You know, all I said was, "If I'm going to pay for somewhere nice, I'm going to get it for two nights."
He immediately launches into a tirade against me. Well, maybe tirade is the wrong word. But the way he started it was horrible. "You are getting selfish. I have to spend time with my family too."
Did I say he wasn't going to get to see his family? Did I even say we had to do it that way? Did I? 'Cause I don't remember doing so, but you know what that's fine, go ahead and call me selfish. I was trying to do something nice for YOU, you goddamned bastard. I won't do it in the near future, that's for sure.
And then to top it off, when I didn't want to talk about what was pissing me off (should've known, dick, you caused it) he told me I just wanted to play games. You know what, Chris? If you don't knock this shit off, the only game you'll have to worry about is solitaire.
Then we're saying goodnight("I don't want to stay on the phone if you're just going to play games") and he says bye and hangs up before I get the first goddamn syllable of "goodbye" out of my mouth.
Fine, whatever, because sitting and stewing about it until he gets a chance to call on Saturday will help, I'm sure.
That's assuming he doesn't still have a hair up his ass and decides not to call.
(I'm pretending that doesn't bother me, but god, it would kill)
*sigh* Ain't love grand?

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