27 December 2004

Jesus F-ing Christ

Where the hell did that come from?
I refered to what was going on the way I did because I wasn't interested in sharing that with the whole damn world until I had figured it out.
It wasn't because it wasn't important. It was because it was so damn important. I can't believe I'm even trying to justify myself to you. I thought I had worked past the point where I needed to justify myself to people who are not a regular part of my life. (although I do remember you fondly when I think of you)
As far as being "not interesting" that's your opinion. And if you feel comfortable basing your opinion of a person on a blog, than that's your deal.
Perhaps the reason my posts have been lagging in both timeliness and angst is that, for the most part, I'm happy! That's almost a foreign concept to me, and it's definitely come about in ways I never fathomed it would. So instead of berating me for my temporary online boring-ness, perhaps you should be glad that I'm no longer so miserable and torn that I need to pour out my angst to complete strangers.
I'm going to go take a nice long shower and cool down now.

- your only -

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