27 December 2004

On a second look

I'm more than a little confused. I'd get in touch with you personally, Dave, but I have no way of doing that.
I have no idea what natasha hanging up on you has to do with me. I haven't seen her in a good 6 mos and we only recently even started speaking again.
I have no idea where that evil thing comment came from. When did I call you evil? Hell, when was the last time we spoke together period? Losing touch with you wasn't supposed to be a slap in the face David. It just happened. That's life. You make friends, you grow, you change and your group of friends changes.
Not that I have any problem having a friendship with you, if you want one. Our lives have just gone in different directions, I'm not sure if we have much beyond the past to bring us together.

PS Not every post on this blog should be taken personally. That comment about fixing things had to do with Chris(that guy I married) being incredibly frustrated with his work and the military, and my anger on his behalf. Not with anything else.

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