11 January 2005

Cribs, cat scans and Kirstie Alley

The crib is no longer in my living room. Nor is it in pieces.
Chris spotted it when he came home and started putting it together. He likes to put things together like that.
Which is good, b/c he put it together in the living room and then had to take it apart to get it through the bedroom door.
Poor boy.
He finally rescheduled his appt for a cat scan. It's on the 19th, which is the day that his mother is coming in. But he made the decision(which I really agree with and totally support) that this was important and if worst comes to worst, we'll give his mom directions to our place from the airport. She's renting a car anyway, so it's not like she really needs a ride.
Hopefully they'll be getting here early in the day and then they can settle in at the hotel, we'll go do his appt thing and it'll all be good. I'm just glad he made the appointment.
Have you seen the Jenny Craig commercial where kirstie alley says she's fat? Did she really need to tell us this? Could we not figure it out just by the general largness of herself? Have we really become that stupid?


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