10 January 2005

Slow down

Man oh man.
I called the places I worked over the last year and updated my address. That way I'll get my W2s in time.
We've decided to go to H&R block and pay the $20 and just have them handle our taxes. That way we'll make sure to get all our deductions. $$Cha-ching$$ Just wait til next year.
Speaking of tax deductions, I can feel it swimming around in there. It's really trippy. It's not to the point where Chris can feel it yet, though.
So I've finally got that baby bump thing going on. But I'm already more than half-way done, so it's ok. Hey, at least I wasn't one of those who had it show up in the first month or anything. Steph gained 80lbs with her's. She was huge. And Lora says she was big too, but she had twins, so that's a little different.
We're going to go find out what it is next friday.
I know they aren't going to find anything weird on the ultrasound, there's no reason for them to find anything.
I'm basically worrying for no reason. And I ought to stop.

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