15 February 2005

Chris *can* be sweet!!!

Yesterday, we went and got the tv (his V-day/anniversary present) and he called his friend to help him move it up the stairs right? Well, Mike says sure he'll come over, but can I watch the kids while he does, b/c Lora is at work? No problem.....So I'm waiting and I'm waiting, and I'm worrying b/c it's taking an hour to get it up the one flight of stairs and into the entertainment center? Is something wrong with it? Is it just too heavy for them?
Well, anyways, they come back, Chris and I go home. And the tv's all set up and Chris starts going, "Well, you'll have to show me where you want the old tv in the bedroom." We had already said it was going over by the closet (so that we didn't have to move everything around) and I said that. And he's all "No, you have to show me where." So I roll my eyes and walk in there going, "Right over....."
He had made the bed, bought a big fluffy teddy bear, chocolates, balloons and roses and did this whole arrangement on the bed!Now I love Chris, and I know he loves me....but the whole gift/romance thing is not his forte. (we're talking about the man who bought me a roadside emergency kit for our first Christmas...we'd been dating since June)
So I was totally surprised and I just couldn't believe it....and then last night, we go out to dinner and I had mentioned something about it was too bad they didn't have any blueberry pie, b/c I could really go for a piece. So he goes to the store to get some soda, and comes home with a frozen Sara Lee blueberry pie.
He was just all full of surprises last night
I had to brag about him a little bit.

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