17 February 2005

Heartburn, a comedy

lol....actually it wasn't that big of a deal. I ate a bowl of salsa close to bedtime (bad idea) and then laid down. Well, it only took about five minutes for it to hurt so bad I almost cried.
Now, I haven't had heartburn in months, since before we moved actually. So I didn't have anything in the house.
My husband, thoughtful man that he is, decides I should drink baking soda water. So he mixes some for me.
Now I'm looking at the amount of baking soda he put in, and the little bit of water he put in, and I'm thinking, "oh boy"
He didn't warn me. I knew it would taste funky, but he didn't tell me *how* funky it would be.
I got about half the glass down before tasting it. I started gagging and coughing. It was horrible.
And he stood there laughing. He takes the glass from me and stirs it up again, and hands it to me, telling me to finish.
I gave him a "You are nuts" look, but I take the glass and get most of it down. He stirs it up again and hands it back to me.
Now, I know I'm being a wimp, but I do not want to finish that glass. But he is insitent, and since we need to get to bed, b/c he has to be up at 5am, I grit my teeth, put the glass to my lips....
take a tiny sip and dump the rest of it in the sink.
As horrible as it was it did work and I felt much better shortly after.
I had the uncontrolable urge to belch though.
Thinking about it, that would make sense, because when you mix baking soda with an acid (vinager, lemon juice, etc) in a glass, it fizzes all over the place. Same principle maybe? Hmm....

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