13 February 2005

Incredibly disturbing dream

I was back home for some reason, in a church. I hear myself being paged over the intercom (do churches have intercoms?) but they're paging me with my maiden name. So my pregnant self goes to the office. Pastor Matt, the youth leader when I was younger is there.
He starts out by making small talk, but suddenly he's yelling at me for being pregnant and not married. I keep trying to tell him, I got married first and then got pregnant. He says, "Oh? Then where is your wedding ring?" Sure enough, I look down and there is no ring.
He's going on this tirade about how evil I am for having premaritial sex. I'm all upset and I run out of the room. I try to leave the building, but when I open a door it leads into a room filled with staff from Faith. Every door leads to this room.
They are all telling me how horrible I am and how evil. They lock me in the sick room. For my own good, of course.
Then I'm tied down to the bed. I'm having the baby. They're telling me "evil begets evil This child is evil because you are evil." They're threatening to drown her under the sink.

Luckily I woke up at this point. God, it was horrible.....and all realistic like too....

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