26 February 2005

The Plant

Chris has this thing about putting the plants out on the balcony railing "to get some fresh air"
One of the plants is a little top heavy, b/c it's tipped over before. With only a slight breeze.
So I'm sitting here and I notice that there are no plants inside. Dh must have put them out before he went to work.
*THAWOP!* Uh-oh....I look out the door, and sure enough, there is the plant, lying face-down (or what I assume would be face-down, if it weren't a plant) on the floor. The soil from the pot has been strewn across the patio in the fall.
I ran and got the broom and dustpan. I set the plant upright, brushing the dirt from it's bruised leaves, and hurriedly swept the dirt into the dustpan. I then carefully poured the dirt from the dustpan into the plant's pot and gently patted it down.
I brought the plant inside and carefully set it on the entertainment center to recover.

Think it will make it?

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