08 February 2005


Chris just got promoted to LCpl. in November, now he's being told that b/c of his high scores on the range and his PFT, he should make Cpl in 6mos or less! He's really happy about that. Normally, brig gaurds don't move up the ladder as fast as other MOS's do. Something about supply and demand. He's excited about being a non-commisioned officer. He's been so....cute lately. Yesterday, we went to the arcade on base and played games. They had one of those machines with the claw and the toys. He decided he needed to win a teddy bear. It was just so cute, he was trying so hard.
So now I have two teddy bears that have been won for me, one from Chris (red with shiny hearts all over it) and one from his little brother(red with camoflouge on) Maybe it's in their genes?

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