25 March 2005

4 year old rumormongers

My four yr old sister was the flower girl in my other sister's (amanda) wedding.
I guess while she was getting her hair done, the kid told Melissa(the girl doing the hair) something like, "Jennie is coming home and Chris is going far far away."
Melissa went to her mother, Jackie(the whole family is close to my sister, Amanda) and asked if Jackie knew anything about this?
So Jackie goes to Amanda, asking if Chris is getting deployed and is Jennie moving back here?
So Amanda goes to my mother, asks her the same questions and is everything ok between them etc etc....
Which cause my mom to call me and make sure that Chris isn't getting deployed, I would have said something while I was home, right?

lol not even five yet and she's got the whole house in an uproar!

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