25 March 2005

I went to my sister's wedding and now I'm back.

It was a beautiful wedding, I saw just about everyone I set out to see, and now I'm about ready to collapse from being tired.
Except I can't. B/c my house looks like, well, like a teenager's bedroom lol
Now, if it were just messy, no problem, I left it a little messy to begin with.
But when I walked in, I was attacked by this horrendous odor. I look around frantically trying to spot the source of this pungent aroma.
Lo and behold, there is a pile of trash in the corner. It was, I kid you not, waist high.
Not a pile of trash bags mind you. A pile of trash. In the same area as the bag that I put in before I left.

Ew Gross
I did make the man take it all out yesterday though. lol, I am not digging through week old garbage thank you very much

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