25 March 2005

Pat's appendicitis

I don't remember if I posted this on here before? Anyway, my mil's dh had appendicitis, except the 1st hospital couldn't figure that out. And it burst

Ok, apparently they *didn't* open him up ever at the first hospital(I know, unbelievable to me too)
The second hospital didn't want to go in there for liability reasons (??aren't they at greater liability if he dies??) He wasn't getting worse, but he wasn't getting better either.
So they sent him to the Mayo Clinic.
They ran tests and ultrasounded things and did what it is they do. They told him that he isn't going to die, but he will be absolutely miserable for the next month or so. Take this pain killers and go home.
So he is back home now, and miserable, but alive.
Which is a step in the right direction, right?

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