27 April 2005

Airline Seats OR Should lard-asses pay more?

Let me start by saying, I know my opinion will not make me popular. Tough cookies. You want warm and fuzzy, go somewhere else.
If you are taking up a seat and a half on an airline, rather than *A* seat, you should be charged for more than one seat.
There, I said it.
And no, I don't think it's "discrimatory"(a very overused accusation BTW), you are using more than one of a product(in this case, airline seats) and you should be charged for more than one.
I'm not saying that airlines should just suddenly start charging at the gate. I think they should have posted guidlines on their websites, and shared over the phone. Just like they do with luggage.
I also think that maybe something based on dimensions would work better than weight, b/c people carry their weight differently.
But either way, if it was posted beforehand, people would be warned, and they wouldn't be unexpectedly charged with an extra $600.
Maybe airlines could do a half-fare, like they do for children under two(who also should be in a seat and not held on a parents lap. Good grief, I'm all for saving money, but that's just not safe!)

If I'm paying $400 for a seat, you can be sure I want all $400 worth of my seat. If someone is taking up half of my seat, we both know that the airline isn't about to give me back $200.

Insensitively yours,

- your only -

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