04 April 2005

All I want to do is see the damn doctor!

You would think that since it is April 4th, the dr would have his schedule up for April, right?Nope.
And the alternate that he gave me last time this happened doesn't have anything available until the 25th, by the time that happens, I'll have gone three months w/out an appt.
And I'm not comfortable with that at this point.
So I called and left a message on Fri, and one today, with the medical team that both these drs are with, b/c I'd like to work something out, where I can see some sort of dr, however briefly here.
There are things I want to talk about, not to mention that I'm almost done with this whole pregnant thing, and I'd like to know if everything is still normal.
Seriously, normally at this point they'd be asking me to come back every two weeks and now it's been over two months.
And they still haven't called me back. I am so about ready to get really mean on the phone with these people. If I can get them on the phone.....

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