28 April 2005

Apparently, at some point between when Chris got stationed out here, and our getting married, he thought he'd do a friend a favor. He helped him get a cell phone.
And now the guy isn't paying on it.
And guess who they're coming after for the money. We got one late notice,(why we didn't get any others, I don't know, they weren't forwarded or something) and dh went and talked to the guy, who said he was going to pay for it.
Well, today a notice came in the mail, Cingular is about to turn the account over to the collections.Apparently this wonderful friend, didn't pay it.
I don't know if Chris's name is the only one on the account, or if he just co-signed for it. I do know that we don't have the money for this (large) cell phone bill. I'm thinking we're going to get stuck with it though.
And now, guess which one of us is going to have to figure out 1)where that money is going to come from and 2)if we can get our money from this guy and how?
I am soooo tempted to say, "No, you did this before we got married, you said nothing to me about it(or I would have told you it was a bad idea!) so YOU figure out how you're going to fix it."
I am just so tired of having to be the one to come up with the solutions. I just....AAAAAAARGH!.....I need a break between problems here, just a couple weeks, that's all.
I'm really struggling *not* to be mad at Chris right now. He was trying to be nice, he was trying to help out a friend, he didn't mean to do this. And the only thing he's really guilty of in this is bad judgement.
And the timing *really* isn't his fault.*sigh*
He's at work till later this morning, so I have a little while to calm down, but right now I just want to yell at someone.I'm hoping that this guy's name is on the account too. I don't know much about legal stuff, but I'm thinking we'd have a better chance of getting our money back from him if he is?

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