27 April 2005

Big boobs

Hehe, wonder how many hits I'll get off of this post.
I'm incredibly frustrated. My breasts grew, a lot, due to this whole pregnancy thing. So any corsets I had before won't fit. The girls barely stayed in there before, there's no way they will now.
So I was just kinda looking for something for afterwards(which is almost here, thank god) and I'm looking, and apparently, if you have big breasts you *must* have a big waist. What the hell?
If I wind up breastfeeding, they aren't going to shrink. If anything they'll get even bigger(god I hope not) but b/c I haven't gained that much weight, it's not going to take long to get down (or at least close) to my original waist size.
But all the corsets that would fit up in the bust, would barely cinch the waist (or lack thereof) I had going on at 6mos pregnant! That's not going to work.
I really really don't want to shell out $300 for a custom made corset. Actually hell would have to freeze over first.
Alright, enough booby talk.
All it's going to do is lead to many horny teenagers visiting my site in hopes of free porn.

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