22 April 2005

Do I laugh or Cry?

So I thought we had worked everything out money-wise.
He was going to get free haircuts and not complain about it. And we were just going to suck it up for the next week. No biggie. We can do that.
Then I got a phone call. He's in vegas right now, for a relay race. He's running for the Marine Corps team.
This was supposedly a volunteer thing(long story, his CO didn't really give him any choice) so he was going to have to pay for room, food, uniform, etc.
Ok, we came up with just enough for the uniform, the room and food. Not enough to where he could have any fun, but enough so he could eat.
Well, they get there and "Oh, the room is going to cost $XX instead of what we told you. And YOU have to cover it." WTH? Not cool.
So now Chris has all of $9 to feed himself for the next three days. Yeah, that's not going to work too well.
Maybe if he had a microwave or stove or something, but they don't put those in hotel rooms.
Ok, so he calls all panicked, "What do I do?"
Well, I thought about it. And, since eating is kind of an important part of life, I tell him that there is still $50 left on the credit card(we keep a low limit on it, only use it in extreme situations) go ahead and use that.
He already tried.
It's not letting him, for some reason.
I check the balance on-line again and there's still room on there.*groan*
So I close my eyes and I'm thinking, as I stand there up to my elbows in dishwater. I don't know what to do. I could borrow money, but that's not going to help him. He left his check card here, b/c the only money in the acct. is technically not there, b/c I paid the insurance company yesterday, it just hasn't been taken out yet.
So he left his card here so he won't be tempted to use it.
Then he mentions that his roommate said that he'll lend him some money, but he needs to be paid back before payday.
Alright, the wheels are turning. And they're only turning up one solution, which is a solution neither one of us wants to resort too. And which neither one of us has since we got married almost a year ago.
Yep, mom and dad. My mom, to be exact. I mention this reluctantly. He goes all quiet. God, I hate borrowing money, I really do. But right now I don't see an alternative! If he was home, it wouldn't be an issue, but he needs to eat. It's important.
So alright, we agree that I'll call my mom and politely beg her to lend us some money for one week, to be sent back first thing on the 30th(payday for us)The line is busy. And has been for the last hour.
This frustrates me, b/c they have call waiting and an answering service for when they're online. So there *shouldn't* be a busy signal. But there is.*sigh*
I know this should frustrate me to all get-out and it theoratically should have me in tears. But I'm actually sitting here laughing, it's so insane. It's just such a stupid situation, and to think, we *actually* had money saved up until two weeks ago. oy vey.
I'm going to send my mom an email, see if she's online

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