29 April 2005

Grow up

You know, I know being apart from your husband/fiancee/boyfriend sucks. It really does.
But one would think that if you married a man who was already in the military, a part of you, however small, would realize that THERE IS A CHANCE HE'LL BE DEPLOYED!!!!!
I mean, yes there are some jobs that don't deploy as often, but there's still a chance.
And for god's sake, if you marry a man who is not only military, but INFANTRY(aka the most highly deployed job in the military) you think you'd be a little more prepared.
He didn't leave because he WANTED to(although if I were married to an idiot like you.....)he left because it is his job. And you knew it was his job going into this.
So no, you do not have the "right" to cheat on him, you do not have the "right" to be angry at him for leaving, and IMO you are the kind of scum that perputrates the negative sterotype of the military woman.

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