12 April 2005

I forsee in-law issues

MIL is divorced. (and remarried again) FIL is married again, also.
Now, MIL and FIL can be civil towards each other. I've seen it happen. FIL's wife(would that be SMIL?) on the other hand, get's incredibely catty. And MIL can be just as b!tchy when she wants to be.
They all want to come down here at the same time.
SMIL-> "Let us know when the baby is born so we can fly right down!"
And MIL, well, she loves her firstborn son, she seems to like me lots and has said in the past that she will be "right there" afterwards.
I'm a little worried here. First off, that's just a lot of ppl(MIL's husband would be here too, as well as dh's grandma, but they are both very cool ppl)
Second off, I'm not gonna be up to playing diplomat. I can tell you right now, if there are problems, I'd probably be very tempted to tell them to grow the hell up or get lost.
And dh has never been even vaugely diplomatic. So he'd probably do the same thing, which I don't really want.
For the first time in 20+ yrs, his father is taking an active interest in dh's life. (the man couldn't make it to his son's wedding) I mean, he's sent presents (something he didn't do for b-days/christmas unless dh was actually in his house at the time, which was rare) he's called FIRST. Not called back, called first. And that means a lot to dh. He's been starting to "get his hopes up" (for lack of better phrase) in regards to an actual relationship with his father.
Now the obvious solution here would be to ask one side to come down a little later....but which side?
FIL is right up in Washington, so he's closer.
But MIL is the one who actually raised dh, and she's done an awful lot for me too.
And is that a good idea, b/c my mom wants to come out too, and I'm not sure I want visitors for the whole six weeks?
Ack. I like my inlaws. I really do. Just not all at once!!!

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