30 April 2005

I know he said don't worry, but........

Ok, I know Chris told me not to worry about anything financial for the next two weeks, b/c he'll take care of it all. (I flipped out on him, partially due to hormones and partly b.c. well, I was worried)
But somehow, that's just making me worry more! lol
He just left to go grocery shopping. He's convinced he can spend less than what we have been.
I told him 1)we don't spend much and 2)we could spend less if *he* stayed home and I went w/out him
But he wanted to go. So I took a deep breath and made out a list for him with two parts. One part things we really need and if he doesn't bring them back, he'll have to go out and get them. And one part things that I'd like to have, where if he doesn't bring them back, ok, but you better not bring tons of junk food instead!
Sooo....I'm sitting here chewing my nails in anticipationI just keep telling myself, "He's trying to be helpful." over and over again

UPDATE: He done good, brought back almost everything I asked for and then some, w/out spending outrageous amounts of money. Of course, now that I know he can do this, he'll probably get sent again. hehe

PS The cell phone thing worked out, the guy gave Chris the cash and we paid it ourselves.

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