24 April 2005

I watered the floor

Not on purpose.
We haven't used the dishwasher in awhile, b/c it wasn't getting the dishes clean(it's old). So I do the dishes by hand and let them drip dry in the dishwasher. Well, it started to smell a little funky in the sink area.
So I dumped stuff down the disposal and ran it, and I poured stuff down the other sink. And There was still this stench.
Ok, well maybe it's water dripping off the dishes and for some reason just sitting in the dishwasher. I'll pour some vinegar in there and run the empty dishwasher. Do-de-do-de-do.....
~drippy drip trickle~
What's that noise? I haven't heard the dishwasher make that sound before. So I wander over to the (small) kitchen area.
Thank god for linouleum(sp?) The floor was covered.
Apparently, there is something blocking the pipe somewhere between the dishwasher and the sink's drain, b/c water still drains out of the sink, but it sure wasn't draining out of the dishwasher.
Well, it was draining, just out the front of it, instead of where it should be!!
What a weekend.

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