22 April 2005

Update II

It's all worked out now. And some unexpected good even came from it. I finally got through to my parents line. (I was starting to worry about why it was busy that long) My mom wasn't home, she was at some sort of retreat for the weekend.Now, my dad and I haven't had the best relationship, (which you may know)but it has gotten a little better recently. So having to ask him instead of mom was just that much harder.But he was immediately, "I'll send out $XX first thing tommorow, let me get your address." Which caught me off gaurd.We then had a NORMAL CONVERSATION for the next 30 minutes.I just know my mom is going to drop dead of a heart attack when she hears that. I told Chris and he was all flabbergasted.(hehehe, I don't get to use that word often)So maybe, just maybe, the whole situation wasn't so bad. I mean, that was definitely a giant leap forward in our father/daughter relationship. And it would be nice for our kids to have ONE grandfather they're allowed to speak to.

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