12 May 2005

Back off bitch

Not every child is a planned child. Yes, ideally you should have no problems buying expensive(yet useless) things for a kid, before you have one.
Life is not ideal. And if you still haven't figured that one out, then your mama failed you, bitch.
I'm sorry if you don't qualify for the same military/govt programs that I do, but that's not my fault. So stop trying to tell me that I shouldn't accept help.
For god's sake, I'm not scamming the govt out of food stamps here. It's a program SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for the support of pregnant woman and infants. For chrissake, it's in the very name of the organization.
I'm not out there panhandling on the street to buy a new big screen tv, I'm just making sure that my child gets the best start nutritionally. Which means not living on ramen and crackers while pregnant.
And I am more than willing to fill out countless forms, wait in nasty waiting rooms, and present our finacial records in order to do so.
Now, I'm sure your children will be thrilled to know that you didn't accept help from anyone. I'm sure that will comfort them as they struggle through life with their developmental problems, and stunted growth.
But I'm not about to purposely throw those obstacles in my child's path, so back off bitch.

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