29 May 2005

But I don't wanna

I don't wanna go for a walk....it's 80 degrees out. That's too hot for walking. You'll wind up having to take me back to the hospital all dehydrated again.
I don't wanna have sex....well, ok, I don't mind sex, but I find the fact that you tried to use the whole "it could induce labor, honey" approach more than a little disturbing. And now I don't wanna have sex.
I don't wanna drink tea. Even if it is "all naturaul rasberry tea" and is supposed to encourage babies to come out. I don't really like rasberry flavored things. And as I said before, it's 80 degrees out. And tea is hot.
But if it'll make you be quiet about how it's a whole day after her/my/our due date.....I'll drink the damn tea.

- your only -

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