22 May 2005

Chris has a girlfriend

well, she was trying
He came home from the range earlier than expected. So I asked "How did it go?" And he just grins, and shakes his head.
So I'm curious and I ask him if anything happened.
He tells me, he went to the armory to return his pistol. Normally, it takes forever to do that, b/c they'll make him clean it repeatedly.
Well, he cleans it up, goes up to the girl working there, and she's looking it over.
Tells him it's not quite clean enough, and "why don't I show you how we like it." (you should have heard Chris try to imitate the *sexy* voice, you know the one you use when you're flirting)
She keeps trying to flirt with him, as she CLEANS THE PISTOL FOR HIM!
LOL, I thought it was soo funny.
So she gets it all clean, and says something about "we should meet up sometime."
Chris deadpans, "yeah, I'll just have to check with my wife."
LOL, wish I could have seen the look on her face!!

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