23 May 2005

Damned Hospital

"The earliest appt for that dr is June 10th ma'm, can I book it for you?"
No, you friggin idiot! I *just* explained to you that I *need* to see my dr THIS WEEK, preferably BEFORE my due date. Not two freakin weeks later, you nitwit! What earthly good is an appointment on June 10th going to do for me? Are you trying to set up my postpartum checkup here? Last I checked, June 10th won't be here this week.

"Well, you could call the Family Medical team and leave a message."
Yes, I could do that. Again. Like I did on Monday and Tuesday. And twice on Wendsday, again on Thursday and about 4 times on Friday.
I'm still waiting for them to call me back. Something tells me they're not going to.
You might want to give the MPs a heads up, b/c in about two more minutes, I'm going to go to the hospital and stand there in front of the family medical desk until they acknowledge me!

See you there,

- your only -

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