11 May 2005

I just got an angry phone call

Luckily, the anger wasn't towards me.
Chris has been going to school to be a rifle coach. He's supposed to be replacing one of the two guys that the brig company has out at the range right now. He's supposed to be out of the brig for about a year.
We were excited about this, b/c not only does the whole brig guard thing kind of bite, but his particular company has had a LOT of command issues.
Well, yesterday, our friend who is still working at the brig says that the company was told that everyone was going to "get the chance" to go to Iraq." Except for those in school at the moment(Chris and one other guy)
Apparently, when the other guy that Chris is in school with called up to the brig for something, he was told that the company isn't going to bother replacing the guys out on the range currently. As soon as he and Chris are done w/school, they're going back to the brig.
So Chris and this guy call someone else, who I guess is technically in charge of them while they're at school, and asked, "Do you know anything about this?"
And THAT guy says, "What? BS...I'll call up there myself and find out."
So in the meantime, Chris called me, livid. I thought the phone was going to start smoking. Neither one of us wants to see him go back to the brig.
He hasn't had any stomach issues since he stopped working up there, and he hasn't had any of those really scary headaches he was having either. And in general, he's just been less stressed out, b/c he hasn't had to deal with any of their BS.

God, I hope it's just rumors.

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