09 May 2005

I need to do that more often

The laundry that was left there all night, was folded when Chris went down to get it.
While it bothers me a little that someone folded our clothes, I'm comforting myself with the fact that there were no panties in that load, and now I don't have to fold them myself.

We need a washer.
As soon as the car is registered/insured/running, I've been told we'll get an apt. washer. One that hooks up to the faucet(b/c we don't have actual washer hookups up here)

Chris is having his Mercury Cougar shipped down here so he can play with, I mean, work on it. I dislike borrowing money, but I'd rather borrow $700 to get the car here, than $3000 for a motorcycle, like he was talking about.
Boys. Sometimes I think they just don't grasp this whole pesky money thing.

Blech, I'm going back to bed now. This morning thing sucks ass.

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