28 May 2005

I need to take that ticker down....it's actually kind of depressing, to have it sit there at zero like that.....I had a massive headache when I woke up, and Tylenol wasn't cutting it. Then my eyes were all watery/blurry, so chris decided I had to call labor and delivery, and the nurse said I might as well come in and make sure.
So we did, and they hooked me/us up to the monitors. Well, they tried....the baby wouldn't stay in place long enough for them to monitor her heartbeat as long as they wanted(they wanted about 20min unintturupted...hah) Then she started kicking the monitors(they were strapped on) Every time she hit it, you would hear this loud thud over the U/S machine
So they said they were going to hydrate me and give me some painkillers for the headache. So they got to dig for a vein, for an IV. Fun fun.
lol....but everything is good now.
And the dr checked my cervix while I was there.......
1 centimeter.
She is sooo not coming today

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