18 May 2005

Ok, I know that I bitch more than a little

about the male entity in the house, but how do you, dear nosy woman that has never met me in person and has only been on the same msg board for about one month, have a right to assume that I don't love him? Or that he doesn't love me?
Of course we fight, of course I get mad at him and him at me, that's life. And I'll even go one further, we do have some problems. What relationship doesn't?
*Seriously, if you are with someone and the two of you have NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER, than please RUN, as your significant other is a former mental patient, or screwing your mother.*
I'm not about to kick the man to the curb b/c we argue. "Emotional abuse" my ass. Lady, you have not seen us argue. You really think that I am standing there all innocent like listening to him "abuse" me? More proof that you do not know me well enough to advise me on my relationship. Ha. Honey, I can give it just as well as he can. And sometimes we do get into it.
And don't give me that "Our first year of marriage was like a honeymoon" crap. Bullshit. Bullshit, and I call you on it. Working out the details of a marriage isn't like a honeymoon, it's like a combination of highly volataile chemicals.
Messy, explosive, and exciting.
If your first year of marriage was that dull, I shudder to think what the rest of it will be like.
In short, take your opinion and advice(neither of which I asked you to share, mind you) shove them up your fat arse, and get lost.


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