03 May 2005

Panties In a Twist

I swear to god, some people get their panties in a twist about the wierdest things.
I'd link to this nine page long arguement about parking for expectant mothers, on this msg board. But it's locked and you would have to register to get in.
And it's not that amusing:)
Seriously? It doesn't bother me that a business does that. I think it's a nice gesture. I don't think there should be a law requiring they reserve spaces. That would be silly.
But if your panties are really that far up your ass over expectant mother parking, then stop shopping at those stores.
B/c as long as they're not losing money, the chances are they won't take those signs down.

PS Do you really think they're going to ask you to piss on a stick if you park there? If you really want to be an ass about it, park there anyway.

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