30 May 2005

Personal Ad Translation

Yes, it's a WI ad again. I can't help it, they're funnier than San Diego ads.
Lookin' for Some Summer Fun
Hello Ladies,
Must control orgasm, am talking to girls
I recently moved back to madison from las vegas,
I attempted to fleece the casinos, but was too stupid to pull it off. So I got mom to buy me a ticket back to Madison
and am looking for an attractive, fun spirited and energetic lady between the ages of 25 and 40.
Actually, any girl will do, as long as she has a vaginia. I won't card you, if you know what I mean
I am 5'11 190lbs
I'm actually 5'5" and closer to 250lbs
shaved head
Best way to treat the outbreak of lice I got from the $5 vegas hooker
and blue/green eyes, single, never married and no kids, I do like children, just hasn't happened, lol.
I don't wear condoms. When you get knocked up b/c of that, I'll stick around until about 7months into your pregnancy, then realize that "oh, I'm just not ready for that responsibility" Will not send you child support, but will call sporadically throughout the child's life, promising visits/gifts that never happen.
I am into sports, the outdoors and am open to just about anything. i love trying new things.
I get "Gun's & Ammo" and "WildLife" in the mail every month
If your looking to meet a fun and witty college educated man that is not into games then look me up for some summer fun.
By college-educated, I mean I attended a class, at the community college, once.
I will send my pic after I have received yours. I am open to answering any questions you may have.
I will send a slightly altered pic of my third cousin, when you send me your slightly altered pic of Angelina Jolie

- your only -

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