15 May 2005

Why Men Suck

Chris is being a pill again today. Keeps throwing tantrums over the stupidest stuff, and then during one of these tantrums he said some mean and nasty stuff.
Rather than stand there and be talked to like that, I decide I'm going for a walk.
The man follows me out to the parking lot, lecturing me on how it's not safe to walk around SoCal by myself, grabs on to my purse in an attempt to get me to stay.
I offered to leave the bank card with him, if that's what he wanted(he said something like "You're not taking my stuff with you.") But no, not good enough. He keeps telling me I can't go for a walk, which just ****pisses me off more(and at this point we're both beyond reason) So I basically said, "Whatever" and walked off leaving my purse, with id, bank card, and the whole $5 cash in his hand.
So I walked down to the library, and couldn't even get online, or check out a book or anything really, b/c I had no id.
So when they closed, I walked to the grocery store, and sat at one of the little table across from the Starbucks stand, flipping through left behind magazines.
I came back, and walked in, and Chris wasn't here. Mike(roommate) said that he might have gone out looking for me, but I don't think so. He wasn't gone that long.
And he walked in, didn't say one word, and flopped down on the couch to play video games.
I am NOT apologizing. I do not deserve to be talked to like that, and I am getting really sick of these temper tantrums he's started having. This is total BS and I'm sorry, but I can only be understanding for so long

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