20 June 2005

All Men Are Asses

Is that the plural of ass?

Yesterday, I was upset b/c I had a small sweaty newborn clinging to me 24/7 for the past 3 or 4 days. I'm not sure how many, they started to blur together.
And then on Chris day off, he wants to hang out with his friend. Fine. Can I have a half hour where you watch the baby? Then you go play with your friend?
I couldn't actually say that to him, b/c he wasn't here.
So he gets home, and he's all like, when you're done feeding the baby, come downstairs.(to our neighbor's) Okay, I can do that. I'm still a little frustrated, but he wants to do something with us, I'll bite my tongue.
So I go down there. There's the four guys playing poker.
Yep. Four guys around the card table, playing poker. I wasn't about to stand there, hold the baby and watch them play cards.
So I tell him I'm going back upstairs. And I do.
He comes up maybe 45 minutes later, opens the bedroom door, and asks me, "What has crawled up your [bum] and died?"
Now I'll admit, that question may have put me just a teensy bit on the defensive.
I told him I was frustrated b/c I had been taking care of our daughter for the last 3 days and I needed a half hour break, which he hadn't been around to give me.
Which obviously means I think our daughter is a horrible burden??
Um no....that's not what I said. I said I needed you to take her for a half an hour, if you can spare the time(<-sarcasam)
Well, too bad, b/c he doesn't care if I don't like bill he's going to go hang out with him anyway.
WTH? I never said I didn't like Bill, and I NEVER said he couldn't hang out with his friends. That's a total load of BS, and we both know it.
So fine, I'm a horrible evil person, and he goes back downstairs. Minus baby.
So I put a sheet, a blanket, and a pillow out on the couch for him. Didn't see him all night(except when I went out to the kitchen to grab something to eat while the baby slept)
he came home, but didn't bother to a)say hello when he walked in, b) apoligize, or c) watch the baby.

So he's asleep on the couch this morning. And I'm banging around in the kitchen. I mean, really banging. (Oops, did I wake you?)
Well, I continue this routine, and he "warns" me not to keep doing it. Whatever.
Apparantly, this is his house. Not our's, just his.
And then at one point he said that he was obviously the responsible one, b/c he has a job, a place to live, and a car. And HE is succesful. "What do you have? You have ME. and that is all"
I had a job, I was going to school, I had a place to live, and my own vehicle.
And then we got married and I came out here.
Where I had no vehicle, and oddly enough, I had a hard time finding a job w/in walking distance of the apt. Imagine that.
I didn't manage to get any of that out because I was all shocked like.
And now he's gone, somewhere or other, and I'm crying again b/c I'm so **** mad/hurt and I'm typing one handed b/c the daughter that I do love and adore, is upset today (the tension in the air maybe?)

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