17 June 2005

Must bite tongue!!

Ohhhh so hard right now! I just want to smack my mil....for being stupid, and venting to Chris right now.
MIL sent an email to Chris detailing how frustrated she is with her latest husband(#5) and all the things that he does wrong and how he thinks she works too much(she tends to work 12hr days, and takes off one day out of the week...seen it first hand) and blah blah blah.
They got married on the sly about a month after we did, after dating for 3 whole months, so their marriage is nine months old...and they way she was talking, she was hinting towards a divorce.
Chris loves his mother, which is a good thing, but things like this cause him to stress out. He's been "the man of the house" since she divorced his father many many years ago, and he has a tendency to want to "fix" things. And out here he has no way to do so. He's sort of forced to be distant from her drama(s) (which, personally, I'm not sure is always a bad thing)
But right now, he is dealing with so many things ON HIS OWN **** PLATE, he really doesn't need his mother's problems too!
He's having job issues and conflicts with his command(what else is new), we're having (now minor) financial problems, and probably will until I can get a job....which leads into the "finding childcare" problems we're having, not to mention the whole adjusting to a baby thing, and it just drives me nuts that she feels the need to throw herself on her son's shoulder to cry about a situation she got her own self into. Doesn't she have friends of her own out there??

Ok, I know, my having a problem with this is probably in some way a little selfish, but right now I'm so mad/frustrated that I don't care!

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