06 June 2005



Ok, so it's not that bad, the kid actually sleeps a lot more than I thought she would(knock on wood)

I thought giving birth would be much more horrible and painful than it was. Of course, I got the epidural, but I didn't get that until hours after I started going into labor.
Seriously, I woke up at 3:30-4am, with contractions. Then at 4:30ish I realized that they *were* contractions.
Hey, I'd never had them before, I had no idea what was going on, I just knew I couldn't fucking sleep, b/c something kept waking me up.
Then the hospital sent me home, b/c I wasn't far enough into it to make it worthwhile.
Then we went back at 8pm, and they kept me that time. (which is good, b/c chris was all pissed off that they didn't give me anything to make it stop hurting and basically told us it could last for days....)

******will finish my non-terrifying, somewhat encouraging(for those who were considering just ripping their reproductive organs out to make sure they never have to go through it) labor story. The short dictator is hungry....NOW! :-p*******

Right then, erm, I was where? Ah yeah, 9pm they gave me drugs. OMG. I could not feel anything, at all, from just under my chest all the way down. Occasionally, Id get this wierd feeling, that meant I was have a contraction. But it didn't hurt.
So then it came time to push. They made Chris help. Ha.
Instead of putting me in stirrups(and god, every woman hates stirrups right?) they had a nurse supporting one leg(like a set of stirrups, only at a much more comfortable level) and they made Chris stand on the other side. Poor guy, he couldn't avoid seeing things if he wanted to(which he did)
Direct quote: "It was gross, and then she came, and then it was gross again."
They had me push, and it didn't take much(and it really, I swear, didn't hurt), and then all of the sudden they were setting her on my stomach, and she was all wiggly and screaming and pissed off.
They had Chris cut her cord, which he swore he wasn't going to do, but when they asked him, he said yes.
And then they took her away and did the things they do to babies, with the checking of the breathing and the making sure they have all the right parts in the right places.
Then they passed her to Chris, and he held her, and then he gave her to me.
The nurse was all, "You can talk to her, she recognizes your voices." I can't speak for Chris, but I didn't know what to say.
I mean, here's this thing that's been living inside of you for nine months, and you've been waiting for it to get here, and now that it's here on the outside, you just can't believe it. It's just...wow.
And she was all quiet and just looking at us, with those blue eyes all babies have,and I'm thinking, 1)that came out of where? and 2)she's beautiful.
It was like falling in love, in warp speed.
It's just completely mind-blowing.

Chris swears she has my eyebrows, and his lips...and she has super-long legs(wonder where she got that from?)
Hehe...daddy says he's picking out a special shotgun to set by the door.
It's so fun to watch him, he adores Victoria, and loves being a dad. He bought a breast pump the 1st day we were home, so he can give her bottles.
We've had to take her back to the hospital for blood tests, b/c she was a little jaundiced, and if it got too bad, they were going to keep her. And they do baby blood tests by pricking their heels.
We went on Saturday, and she just screamed(I don't blame her) and was really upset.
We had to go back today, and Chris was all up there by the table, holding her little hands in one of his, and kind of stroking her face, and just all protective like.
Someone is a bigger softie then he likes to admit:)

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