26 July 2005

Damned Apt Complex Ppl

Chris left for work at 3:30, at 5, I go out to get the mail. There is a flyer taped to our door, from our apt complex.
They are trimming/removing trees this week. All cars need to be moved out of their section on the designated day. Our cars need to be out of there by 8 am tomorrow morning.
Problem 1) I have no idea how to start/drive the cougar
Problem 2) the battery is dead, so even if I did know how it wouldn't matter
Problem 3) dh won't be home until after 9:30 am

They're saying that if the vehicle isn't moved it may result in "the vehicle being towed, or damage to the vehicle by debris"
Excuse me? You give us less than 24hr notice, and you think I'm paying when you tow my vehicle?
What about the guy under us? He's on vacation, he has no idea what's going on. You going to try towing his vehicle?
These are designated spaces for our apt.
I am so pissed off, and there is no one in the office.
So now what do I do?? Can they do that? tow our car out of our designated space(without giving adequate notice)?

UPDATE: During the few hours Chris is supposed to get to sleep, he came home and we pushed the heavy car(classic cars are apparently heavier than newer ones)out of our space and onto the street.

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